Contact me via email with the idea about your commission, including the following information:


  • Your PayPal-address (for the invoice)
  • Commission type and style
  • Number of characters
  • General idea: What is it that you want to see, what do you want happening in the picture. Any wishes regarding pose, expressions, colors, etc.
  • Visual references! Existing art of the character, screenshots or inspirations. ​
  • For custom character design: include moodboards, collages of inspiration, descriptions, etc. The more details you include, the more accurate the design can be.
  • For video game characters: include screenshots taken in the character selection menu/ somewhere in the game where there is neutral light, to make it easier to identify your character’s colors.
  • If you have any specific requirements like size, resolution of the picture, etc. you can let me know!


Please keep your info short but clear. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs.


You may ask for any type of character; humans, humanoids, anthro, furry, mecha, NSFW, original or fandom characters, etc.

I will not accept any requests with hateful or abusive themes.


If you are interested in a different project or collaboraion, that's not covered on this site, please contact me at



I will reply to your email and inform you whether your commission is accepted or if the slots are already full. (If all of the slots are full at the time, I can put you on a waiting list. This means that I will contact you as soon as there are new slots available.) If you contact me during the weekend, expect my reply on Monday.



We will discuss the price and the references for the commission. After we agree on the price and sufficient references are presented, I will first send you a rough sketch, for you to confirm. After that you'll be getting a PayPal invoice, and I'll start to work on your image after I receive the full payment.



I'll send you Work In Progress pictures of your commission so that you can speak up about mistakes and ask for adjustments. Please respect the fact that after the sketch is approved I won't change the entire artwork, especially in a late state - so keep in mind to make your wishes as clear as possible in the beginning.

If your wishes and requests change repeatedly during the process of completing the commission, I will charge you additionally for the changes that go beyond the original price.



It will take anything from a couple of days to 3 weeks for me to finish your commission and send you the final image via email.  

When I finish the illustration, you will receive an image in full size PNG in 300dpi and a version in a smaller scale/resolution with a watermark. You can request the size and file type when you order the commission.


I may post your finished commission online in my portfolio and/or social media. Please let me know if you wish to be mentioned  or if you prefer to stay anonymous.



I only accept payment through PayPal invoices, fully upfront. Please provide your PayPal email with your order.

Please pay your invoice within 48 hours if possible. Otherwise let me know in the ordering process. If you fail to pay without letting me know beforehand, your slot will move down the waiting list.

Commissions over 300€ can be paid half upfront; half upon completion.


Never send the money upfront without an invoice!



I reserve the right to decline any commission at any time.

If you wish to cancel your commission, please notify me as soon as possible. If I have not started to work on your commission yet, you will be given a full refund. A partial refund will be given for commissions that are a work in progress - you pay for the work that has been done already. Finished commissions will not be refunded. If you're not satisfied with the result, we can discuss a different solution.



If you don’t know how invoices work: I will send you the invoice (a bill) for the agreed amount to your paypal email address. PayPal will notify you about the invoice via email and all you have to do is click the “view and pay invoice” option which will redirect you to your PayPal where the payment will be completed.


By placing a commission order you agree to my TOS.

All commission orders are for personal use only. Commissions may not be redistributed or used commercially. Do not edit your commission and do not remove my signature/watermark for any reason.


If you decide to upload your commission to your websites make sure to use the provided smaller image and credit me as the artist with a link to any of my websites.

Nothing made by Ida Dobnik (IDAIDAart) may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include NTFs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

© 2022 Ida Dobnik


The starting prices serve as a reference point.

The final price of your commission depends on:

  • The complexity of the art style
  • Background choice
  • The complexity of your character's design (their anatomy, clothes / armor, pose, props, etc.)
  • Your budget. Your budget can dictate the complexity of the commission!


Don’t hesitate to ask if you’re unsure about the price of your commission, or if you’re interested in an art style not mentioned below.


Minimal shading, No background


Half-Body: 91€
Full body: 113€


Complex shading with background


Half-Body: 258€
Full body: 358€


Design based on a moodboard, Simple color

Full body: 133€


Character design spread

with multiple elements, Simple color

2xFull body + Headshot: 213€