Hi, I'm IDA

At IDAIDAart I help art lovers and role players bring their characters to life!

You love to come up with characters, maybe you play a lot of DnD, or write stories, or hang out in role playing groups. But maybe you’re not an artist, and all those epic ideas in your head are hard to share or describe to your friends. And all the random pictures you find online just aren’t exactly what you’re imagining. 


What you need is someone who can take all those ideas and inspirations, and spin them and mix them and transform them into a unique character design that will tick all the boxes for you. 

Look no further, because I am a Someone.


Even better, I am a professional artist with a lot of happy clients, and I specialize in character design. 

And I know what you’re thinking. ‘Ida, hiring a professional sounds like something really expensive and I can't spend hundreds of dollars on pictures, I have bills!’ 


Well don’t worry, because there are more affordable ways to do it. I routinely do special offers and discounts for my regular clients. You can easily become one of those if you join my Patreon and that way unlock the way to my little community.

My artistic journey started out as a hobby when I was a little kid and grew with me into an obsession I just couldn't shake. Of course there were people who wanted the young me to become a lawyer, but I soon realized that kind of job was not right for me, and I'd rather keep creating.


And against all odds, I am still doing it!


I have a degree in teaching art, and many years of experience with online commissions. It all started with fanart and evolved into developing personal passion projects with clients. And to be a part of those is really rewarding.

So if you have a favorite video game character that needs a unique interpretation, or you just experienced an epic moment in your DnD game that you want to see captured, or you have a new character idea that needs a cool look to go with that cool name- let’s connect!